Friday, January 22, 2010

Coachella line-up!!


The line-up for this years
Coachella is just AMAZING!! Passion pit...thom yorke...muse...two many djs...deadmau5...david many awesome acts! Why it gota be all the way over in America god dammit GRRRR!! Mayb by some sort of miracle ill get there...heres wishing!


Yes! One of my fave bands 'blood red shoes' are back! I love these guys so indie! They are quite like 'the subways'...they havnt had anything in awhile! and they are back as awesome as ever!! Hope to see them live sometime...

Riverside mothafucka!!

This tune!! Was released last year this is a new remix feat. Wizard sleeve and its still got that addictive beat lovin it!! Oooh ooh oooh!! Riverside Mothafucka!! (Video is pretty awesome too!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Its all about the cream it seems...some new pretty beige and cream dresses from! I love this site yet Im afraid to buy anything incase I cant stop lol! Espec lovin the cute gold fairylike one :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New smexy louboutins!!

What I would give to have the money for a pair of these! Some newbies from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection!I want!! Espec those font like boots!! Hot!!

Funky iphone covers!!

Case-mate has launched 'I Make My Case', a site that allows users to remix the designs of illustrators and artists. The user's unique design is printed on-demand and there is also some ready made ones available like these! They is pretty frickn awesome!! Now i REALLY wanna iphone!! :)

500 days art!

Yes '500 days' is finally out to buy! hopefully this week i shall purchase it!! I was bored and decided to make my very own dvd cover! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

skins & passion pit!=awesomeness!!

Trailer for new series of 'skins' yahooo cant wait!! with great remix of passion pits 'the reeling!!'

Monday, January 11, 2010

James Mcavoy=RAWR!

I am a huge mcavoy fan! the man is hot great actor and scottish! what more cud ya want! this is his next film to be released on january 15th its called 'The Station', a historical russian drama! ye doesnt sound like my thing....but ill watch anything if hes in it I dont care what its about!! I luv this man! even with his ginger beard!! hehe :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My new years resolutions!!

Ok Ive decided this is not going to be another lazy arse do feck all year for me hell no!!

So this is what I hope to do/achieve this year!:

. I want to get fit fit fit!! join some kind of dance class regime because hey i might lose weight and
itl be fun. I love to dance so lets hope there is something goin on(this will not include many drunken nights dancin my ass off in karma!) But some of that might also help lol!

. I want to work harder in college blah blah blah I know same old same old...its not that I never do my work. We have no choice but to do it! Just I know I can do better more research more trips to the library and more drawing! I really want to get proper back into sketching like I used to! I have to stop being lazy!!

. I want to hopefully find a fookin job and save!! I know like every summer there is goin to be tons and tons of awesome gigs and festivals goin on and I wanna be there and not miss out! what do I need to do this....MOOLAH!! So please feckn god this recession crap will feck off and I can get me some employment already!!

. NO MORE LAZY!! I am a terror for not getting outa bed I could happily lie in bed all day bed bed bed mmm....the warmth the cosyness aw its just so un-get-out-of-able!! So ye mayb i shud set my alarm and like hide my phone in my room so then I have to get out to look for it and turn it off...Ive tried this before and ye I just hop back into bed but hey Ill give it another shot hehe...:)

. I gota start eating rite. why cant the food thats good for you be cheaper!! I always end up buyin frozen crap and of course chocolate but hey thats an addiction I gota feed!! Its the effort of cooking also I need to actualy start using that student cookbook of mine!!

I think thats about all for now! Whether this all goes to plan is one hell of another story....:D

Friday, January 8, 2010

Funny tees!

love these tshirts funny stuff!! espec 'I love taaaay!!' So irish! imagine wearin that in another country they wudnt have a clue! hehe....

snow madness!

I decided to make use of the damn snow! as evil as it is its soooo pretty and picturesque!

Its all about the Illustration!!

I have been looking at a lot of illustration of late! I used to love drawing back in the 'trying to get into a college portfolio days!!' But now it seems photoshop has taken over me! I would love to start proper drawing again! I am lovin 'Melanie Armstrongs' style which I came across in 'ComputerArts' mag! Shes a new favourite me thinks! :)


I just realised how many dresses/tops of clothing brand yumi I own! A LOT!! They have the lurvliest clothes i cud live in them!(I think I practically do!!) So vintage, cute colorful prints! Its just what I lurv!! I want all these!! :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I think pixie Lott rocks! She is the ultimate hippy chick at the mo! She is gorgeous but seems really sweet also and she can sing! I absolutely love her style! Hippy meets kinda rock chick at times!

Espec luv her wavy hair with her wee headbands!!So wanna try that look out asap! and the flowers in her hair so cute! :)


I luv the xx so much! an amazing band! and thier remixes rock! like this one...

My tunes of the mo!

The tunes getting me through the college work this week!! :D

This tune has me raveing like a mad yolk around the place! Great remix! Ive yet not to like one of 'Afrojacks' remixes hes so awesome!!

Ive discovered quite a lot of muse mashups on youtube recently! there all pretty good but im lovin this! Matt and lady gaga what a combo! sweet! :D

And last but not least 'minus the bear! theyve been around awhile but ive only gotten into them what have i been doing hello!! Indie perfection!!! I luv this ickle cute tune of theirs! :)

New converse!!

I used to be mad into converse but all my pairs are so worn by now so I havnt worn them in ages so yes I want new ones!! And there is some deadly ones out for this year!! I LOVE these purple plaid ones and colorful sequin ones! either will do purlease! :D

500 days out soon!!

yaya im so excited! 500 days of summer out to buy on 18th January!this is one of my fave films of 2009(or ever really!) cannot wait to buy it and watch it over and over and over.....hehe :)